nanoERGIS films


See how we produce nanoERGIS® stretch film


The parameters of nanoERGIS® film are superior in comparison to its traditional equivalent. As a world class stretch film manufacturer we are proud of our nanoERGIS® which has three times greater resistance to mechanical damage such as tearing, local damage and cracking.

nanoERGIS® stretch film has 33 resilient layers, making it possible to reduce its consumption by up to 50% when securing cargo for transport to ensure its optimum safety.

As a film manufacturer we advise our Customers on how to select a film that best meets their business needs. We also offer advanced testing at Ergis Load Stability Academy (ELSA).


Our range of products includes:

  • stretch film for machine applications – for automated wrapping onto loads; its thickness ranges from 12 μm to 35 μm and can be 500 mm, 750 mm or 1,000 mm wide;
  • stretch film for manual applications – for fast, convenient, cost-effective and reliable manual securing of loads; it can be 450 mm or 500 mm wide and from 10 μm to 30 μm thick.
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