Tadeusz Iwanowski

Graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology (Politechnika Gdańska), Poland. In 1985, he defended his doctoral thesis at Uppsala University, Sweden, where he used to be a researcher and lecturer. Meanwhile, he worked for consulting companies across Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, China and the USA. He served as the President of the Management Boards of Vistula Auxiliary Services AB, Fortuna Polska, Krajowe Towarzystwo Finansowe, ABBEYS Europejskie Doradztwo Finansowe, NOWE S.A.; a member of the Management Board of Kostrzyn Paper S.A.; as well as a member of Supervisory Boards of WAZA Sp. z o.o., Stalexport S.A., Bonitex S.A., Dolnośląskie Towarzystwo Leasingowe S.A., Centralwings sp. z o.o. and Grupa Kęty S.A.. Moreover, he was a member of the Trilateral Commission for social and economic affairs on behalf of the Confederation of Polish Employers (Konfederacja Pracodawców Polskich). He served as President of the Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Honorary Consul General of the Kingdom of Sweden in Gdansk.