Press Release

19 July 2018, 21:16

Preliminary results of the Ergis Group after Q2 2018: increase of sales and net profit

The ERGIS group, the leader of plastics processing in Central and Eastern Europe, has published preliminary financial results for the second quarter of 2018.

The estimated revenue of the ERGIS Group increased by 10.7% up to PLN 207.3 million. EBITDA dropped by 8.7% to PLN 15.1 million, operating profit decreased by 15.2% to PLN 9.1 million and the net profit increased by 20.6% up to PLN 8.6 million. It slowed down a drop of profitability induced by increasing labour costs.


The preliminary financial results of the ERGIS Group in the second quarter of 2018 are presented in the table below: 


Q2 2018

Q2 2017


Sales revenue




Operating profit








Gross profit




Net profit




Interest bearing debt




In the second quarter of 2018, the Group’s EBITDA was lower by PLN 1.4 million compared to the second quarter of 2017 although the remuneration costs increased in this period (year-over-year) by PLN 3.6 million. This demonstrates an improvement in other areas, which have an influence on profitability. Additionally, prices of many raw materials (PET) increased or remained on a high level (PVC). Positive results were generated by sales of stretch films and PET tapes. There was an improvement in sales of printed packaging and soft PVC films. Results of sales of rigid PET films proved to be unsatisfactory. The new line used for production of these films in Berlin overran the output of the old line by nearly 30% but the Group has not made the decision yet to finalise the formal commissioning of the line as further modifications are expected.

‘In the second quarter of 2018 we recorded an increase of sales with a simultaneous slowdown of drop in profitability on the operational level and with a net profit increase. We are pleased to see the dynamics in the growth of revenue, which indicates that the company’s position on the market is stronger. On the other hand, the drop in operating profit year-over-year is induced by increase of labour costs as well as persisting unfavourable situation on the raw materials market, especially increase of PET prices by over 20% and continuously high prices of PVC. The presented results give us hope that we can reach the profitability level, which was observed over previous years, provided that the situation on the Polish labour market becomes stable. This would bring the stakeholders full benefits from the generated increase of sales’ – said Tadeusz Nowicki, the President of the Ergis Group.


The ERGIS Group, listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, holds the leading position in the plastics processing sector in Central and Eastern Europe. Out of its five manufacturing plants, four are situated in Poland and one in Germany. The Group’s profile includes manufacturing of food packaging (printed multilayer laminates and PVC and PET – based barrier films and laminates) and industrial packaging (LLDPE stretch films and PET binding tapes). Moreover, ERGIS is a manufacturer of films for packaging pharmaceuticals, hydro – insulating films and PVC compounds. In 2017 the Group’s revenue exceeded PLN 750 million. 

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